Donate to The Gathering of Stones

The Gathering of Stones is a dry stone monument built by the people of Ireland for the people of Ireland across the world.

All of the stone for this project has been donated by the proud people of Ireland and it is being built entirely by volunteers.

This project is has received no funding of any kind. It is a true monument of the people.

The good will of the people however can only go so far so please consider donating a few euro to the project to help us see this project to completion.

To date The Gathering of Stones event has received no official funding. The event is run entirely by the good will and time donated by members of the DSWAI and the public, and thus donations are vital to the compleation of this monument representing Ireland and 'all' of it's people. 

Pay for a pebble or sponsor a stone!


Would you like to see a stone placed into the sculpture that bears the name of a loved one who emigrated from Ireland and never returned?

Would you like to be here but cannot? Would you like to feel you have made a contribution towards the building of this sculptural monument to the Gathering?

If so you can donate through paypal across or send a cheque/bank draft (in euros please) to: The Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland, Rose Cottage, Templemore Road, Cloughjordan, County Tipperary, Ireland. Please do not send cash donations by post.


If none of these options meet your requirements for facilitating a donation then please contact us directly.


This donate button has a unique signifier which means all donations received from here are labelled 'The Gathering of Stones'. Therefore if you send us the details of your donation and the reason for it we will be able to match donations with individuals.


We accept any amount from €5 and the following are some of the rewards for donating.

Friend €50

All donations over €50 make you a friend of 'The Gathering of Stones' and will be acknowledged by the placement of a pebble or small stone within the core of a wall in the sculpture in your name.


Supporter €100

All donations of €100 or over will make you a supporter and you shall receive a certificate of support for 'The Gathering of Stones'.

A stone will be placed within the walls of the sculpture on your or a loved one or ancestors behalf.


Donor €500

Donations in excess of €500 makes you a donor and a key contributor towards the project.

A certificate of donation, a stone placed in the sculpture and a free gathering of stones t-shirt will be printed especially for you.


Sponsor €1000

Donations in excess of €1000 automatically make you a sponsor of the event and mean that your name will be added to the memorial plaque of sponsors to be erected at the site.

There are many other benefits of being an event sponsor, including acknowledgement on our website.

Please contact us before making a donations of this amount so we can discuss the rewards with you in detail.


Patron €2000

Becoming a patron of 'The Gathering of Stones' will make you a key sponsor with all the benefits of same plus you will be acknowledged as a patron of the event. As for sponsors please contact us before making donations of this amount or more so we can discuss the rewards with you.


Many many thanks to all of you for your donations.