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Call for participation in Portuguese Survey on Intangible Cultural Heritage & Inventories

Call for participation

The DIGITAL ICH Observatory is conducting a survey on Inventories & Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). With this survey we intend to study the practices and opinions of users of ICH inventories.

The survey refers to the different domains of ICH - oral expressions (legends, folk tales, traditional songs ...); arts and crafts; social practices, celebrations and rituals; performing arts (popular theatre, traditional dance...) and knowledge and practices related to nature and the universe.

The sampling procedure is based on the snowball technique. So, please feel free to disseminate this message among your relevant contacts (ICH practitioners, representatives of communities, researchers, State entities, NGOs, heritage professionals, museums, ...).

This survey is anonymous. No information about your identity is asked.

The data will only be used for statistical treatment. Estimated time to answer: less than 15 minutes.

Your participation is very important to us.

Complete the survey through the link:

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