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Stories from the Landscape - The Stone Hut

‘Stories from the Landscape’ 2018 – are 2 short documentaries produced to mark European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. Both films were shot in Ireland and Austria and tell stories of our shared European heritage. The films were made in partnership with Galway County Council and Clare County Council and were supported by The Heritage Council. Both films were directed by Paul Murphy for Galway Film Centre.

The Stone Hut, is a nice short film about the Stein & Wein festival 2018 and the special connection between the dry stone wallers of Kamptal, Austria and Ireland.

The Stein & Wein festival is organised by Austrian DSWAI member Helmut Schieder. The film features a number of DSWAI members. Various DSWAI members have traveled to Austria over the years to instruct at the festival.

Sponsored by Galway County Council and The Heritage Council as part of the Galway County Heritage and Biodiversity Plan 2017-2022. With Donal Glackin on camera. Thanks to director Paul Murphy for sending on the video and for doing a such great job with this newest short in the 'Stories from the Landscape' series.

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