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Mapping Ireland's Dry Stone Walls

Dry Stone Walls are an iconic part of many parts of Ireland's landscape. But how many are there? And where are they?

Exact figures for the amount of dry walls stone in Ireland is unavailable but there are more stone walls and stone earthen banks per square kilometer than any other Western European country (610,000km Mueller Georg, Europe’s Field Boundaries 2012).

It has long been an aspiration of the DSWAI to work on creating a detailed map of the existing dry stone wall network in Ireland. This would not be an easy task and would require support form the public. However you just need to look at projects like the various 'Field Name Projects' that have and lots of input from the local communities, to see anything is possible.

We were recently contacted by Anne-Karoline Distel who runs a Youtube channel (OSMFOrHistoryBuffs) where she shows people how to map heritage (mostly) on OpenStreetMap.

She has suggested a great way of how this could be done.

Anne-Karoline says' Dry Stone Walls are an important part of Irish heritage, mostly in the West, but also in other parts of the country with a certain altitude. It would be great to have that heritage mapped, and here is how you go about it.

She has suggested that this could be a great heritage week project for individuals and heritage groups to get out and map their local dry stone walls and in the process help map our countries dry stone heritage.

Watch her video below to learn how you can add your local walls to the map.


0:00 Intro

0:18 The Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland

1:14 The Trulli of Alberobello (Italy)

4:01 Adding dry stone walls to OSM using the iD editor

6:11 Adding dry stone buildings to OSM

11:38 Finding out where dry stone walls have been mapped already

15:10 Support OpenStreetMap Ireland


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