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Experimental Archaeology with DSWAI and UCD School of Archaeology

DSWAI are delighted to be collaborating with UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture (CEMAC) on part of the experimental reconstruction of a Bronze Age house at the CEMAC complex this November.

Between the 15th & 17th November UCD students and IAI members will assemble the dry stone penannular base to a model Bronze Age house under the tuition of members of the DSWAI.

The project is funded by CEMAC sponsored by IAI and is open to 10 UCD students (in any discipline) on an application basis.

For more information and to apply, giving your interest and what you would bring to the project contact Dr. Brendan O’Neill (

DSWAI members are invited to drop by and visit the project on Sunday 17th November in the afternoon from 2-4pm.

The construction of the dry stone wall should be coming to completion by this time so members can see how it has developed.

If interested please contact DSWAI for more information either via email ( or contact Ken (0872689419).

Directions to the CEMAC complex can be found here

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