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Membership renewals 1st March

Dear members,

Thank you for your membership this past year.

As you will know, we are moving to a single renewal date for all members in 2020. Membership renewals are now due on or before 1st of March every year. (members who renewed or signed up after October 2019 do not need to renew until March 1st 2021) We would ask members to please consider helping reduce our volunteers workload by subscribing for auto renew. All Auto Renew subscribers will receive a free small gift as our way of saying a big "thank you!" for reducing our volunteer workload significantly :)

Use the subscribe button here and your membership will automatically renew each year.

Processing non-auto renew membership takes up a large portion of our limited resources. So by signing up for auto renewal you are freeing up or volunteers to work on other aspects of preserving and promoting Ireland's dry stone heritage . Please note: auto renew can be canceled at any time by going into you paypal settings and clicking on cancel. Or just send us an email and we will cancel it for you.

Other ways to renew (non- auto renew)

We have a new and improved, easy to use card payment facility to process memberships. Simply click here

You can also choose to renew for one year with paypal in the renewals part of our website

If you are unsure about the status of your membership or need assistance in renewing please dont hesitate to contact us by email at and we will get you sorted.

IMPORTANT: Please do ensure you keep your membership up to date. Lapsed membership can result in suspension of your online forum account and may lead to exclusion from other membership benefits.

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