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Drawing walls for National Drawing Day 2020: Your Walls

Yesterday was National Drawing Day here in Ireland, organised by the National Gallery of Ireland.

Every year, the Gallery—together with dozens of museums, galleries, libraries and cultural organisations all over the island of Ireland—encourages people to get drawing with a jam-packed day of free events for people of all ages.

This year the DSWAI decided to get involved and put a call out to the public to 'Draw A Wall' for National Drawing Day, to show the beauty of our Ireland's dry stone heritage.

We were delighted to see so may get involved. Thank you to every single one of you who did so. We even had a number of young artist, as young as 10 get involved which is wonderful to see. The more people (young and old) we get looking at and appreciating the country's wonderful dry stone walls and structures, the better chance we have of preserving them for future generations to appreciate.

Below are all the wonderful artworks that were sketched and shared with us on the day. If you did not get your artwork in ontime, just drop us an email and we will include it.

Click on the images below for a better view and more info.

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